1. Artistic Interventions

We have held four successful artistic interventions in Chicago and London. To find out more about these projects, visit our interventions page. We see these interventions as projects with the potential to bridge artists and communities in locations around the world, opening up dialogue about how we differ, and what connects us, using the arts as a conduit for social change.

2. Social Impact Evaluation

Based on experience developing tools for Battersea Art Centre‘s The Agency and theatre company, Sounds like Chaos, Founder Meg Peterson has been collaborating with organisations to create bespoke social impact evaluation. This includes a theory of change and evaluation plan that fits with each project and it’s needs in a creative and flexible manner. We are open to working with companies who are interested in finding ways of evaluating the change they make on participants and communities where they work. For more information on The Agency’s social impact reporting, see their interim report here.

3. Consultation

Based on PhD research in cultural entrepreneurship, founder Meg Peterson has developed a model for entrepreneurship in the arts that will help artists and arts organisations to be more creative with how they create and capture value. We offer support on business model innovation in a holistic way that is in line with each organisation’s mission and the value they already create. We offer bespoke consultation to support growth and the development of new revenue streams. For more information, contact us.