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Social Impact through Artistic Interventions

Since 2013, 21 Artists has had four, month-long artist development projects focusing on art and social change. To date, we have worked on 4 international projects with 85 artists who made 85 bespoke pieces of work in collaboration with 5 communities and drawing over 5000 visitors.

This project began under the premise of live art, to increase engagement to arts-based process by the wider public- those who do not normally access the arts; to celebrate and explore process with the same level of attention and reverence as ‘the final product’; and to bring artists from diverse disciplines together on the same platform to create, connect and collaborate through art making. We see these interventions as projects with the potential to bridge artists and communities in locations around the world, opening up dialogue about how we differ, and what connects us, using the arts as a conduit for social change.

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In partnership with Chicago-based The Simple Good, OVERHE(a)R(e) was a collaborative project with artists and young people in Chicago and London.

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London East End

deep east

As part of London’s first light night, London Deep East was an intervention in an outdoor community space in East London.

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London Blackfriars

Held in an abandoned courthouse building right in the heart of central London.

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Chicago Loop

Our pilot project took place in an empty storefront space in downtown Chicago in January 2013 as part of an initiative with the Chicago Loop Alliance.

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