December 2014-January 2015

Project Space: Gallery/Public Library

Theme: The Simple Good

OVERHE(a)R(e) set out to bridge connections between the US and the UK, challenge cultural perceptions and provide a platform for artistic, collaborative exchange on a global stage. After three successful projects, the pilot for a new incarnation of 21 Artists took place in Chicago and London in partnership with Chicago-based organisation, The Simple Good. The project provided opportunities for artists to connect on either side of the Atlantic, broaden their networks and contribute to a global conversation about place, identity and preconceived notions about of what social change looks like in these two cities.

After every participating artist submitted their own “simple good”, artists in each city were paired with one another, creating a piece of art based on their artist pair’s simple good. The finished work was then shown in a touring exhibition at the Carnegie Library in London and Aplomb Gallery in Chicago. Featured artists included:

Aaron Wooten

Angele Anise

Anni Holm

Carson Reiners

Charles Jean Pierre

CJ Hungerman

Julie Cowan

Kirsty Jones

Lynsey Morgan Laurence

Raul Guerrero
David Anthony Geary

Georgina Lowbridge

Gerald Geary

Hannah Pratt

I-M Jerome

James Adams

Monique Muffin

Paula McArthur

Sarah Anna Hansen

Vincenzo Albano