Our Principles

What are our values for socially engaged practice?

1. Everyone is creative. Everyone’s voice is important in arts activity and deeming what is a valuable means of expression.

2. We don’t succumb to high art standards of what art and culture is and are inclusive of everyday and locally based notions of creativity as culture.

3. We are participatory in our approach to gathering, analysing, and reporting evidence of social impact. We use creative approaches to evaluate and look to involve participants as researchers.

4. Social change is not possible without creative approaches. Everyone has the potential to adopt these.

5. Therefore, artists and arts institutions are essential actors of change, local, national and international.

6. Socially engaged practice is a key conduit for artists to connect with other actors, namely other artists, communities, intermediaries and larger institutions.

7. It is more important for communities and those not engaged in arts activity to make art rather than watch or see it, though sometimes watching or seeing it is a mechanism for deeper engagement.

8. We work closely with local young people, activists and intermediaries to serve as connectors and capacity-builders.

9. Evaluation is not an end in itself; it is about improving what you are doing by critically reflecting on it and finding a way of sharing your practice to improve the wider sector.