London Blackfriars

21 Artists from pablo robertson de unamuno on Vimeo.

London Blackfriars

The London: Blackfriars project was held in May 2013 in an abandoned courthouse building in central London around the theme of Transformation.

London Blackfriars space- abandoned courthouse building

21 Artists: London Blackfriars brought together twenty-one architects, planners, painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, poets, filmmakers, illustrators and photographers in an abandoned courthouse building in central London in partnership with 3Space. The project culminated in an innovative installation experience for visitors, highlighting the theme of transformation of London’s dynamic cityscape. Workshops, events and alternative creative experiences were spread throughout the twenty-one days leading up to a final exhibition and performance on the 21st of May, 2013.

London Blackfriars poster

Featured artists:

Charles Jean-Pierre

Bettina Fung

Natalie Oliveri

Ali Zaidi

Gabriella Parra

Daniel Campagne

Pia Cabble

Matthew Reynolds

Paul Harrison

David Adjei

Warren Fox

Meg Peterson
Pablo Robertson

Sara Dziadik

James Flowers

Yolanda Mercy

Adrian Mills

Laurie Nouchka

Poppy Green

Francesco Benenato

Sequin Kay

Andi Schmeid

Les Mechants