Our Approach

Founded in 2013, 21 Artists is a socially-driven arts-based project facilitating, hosting, documenting and evaluating arts-based organisations, projects and interventions on an international scale.

With our arts interventions, 21 Artists brings artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines together in alternative spaces to create work around a theme relevant to the spaces themselves and the people who live, work and play in the community where the projects take place. As a symbol of creation and new beginnings, the number 21 was chosen to represent the focus on creative freedom and transformation integral to every project.

Throughout the first four years, our focus has been on international exchange, collaborations and exhibitions. We have now broadened our focus out to not only creating our own projects but working with events, conferences and organisations to further challenge where and how the arts is needed and where artists can offer solutions or activate knowledge in innovative ways. There are three facets to what we do:

  1. International Exchange, Collaborations and Exhibitions
  2. Social Impact Evaluation
  3. Consultation for Artists and Arts Organisations

We are now expanding our focus to include social impact evaluation and consultation for artists and arts organisations around entrepreneurship and community consultation. For more information, please visit our services page.

Our Story

Working with local partner organisations to help implement, engage and add new, rich perspectives to each project, our four projects to date held collectively throughout London and Chicago have worked with a total of 85 artists to make 85 unique pieces of work and engaged over 5,000 visitors through our events, workshops, exhibitions and public space interventions. From music to dance, performance to poetry, painting, illustration and more, artists from each project were given a platform to connect and collaborate with one another, new audiences and communities and in an international context.